The Rosetta Stone

The real Rosetta Stone, from the British Museum

I’ve been studying Hebrew with Rosetta Stone for several weeks now. I have no idea if it will help me in Israel, but I do know it is incredibly fun and addictive. Each lesson is short enough and builds enough on the last that I keep seeing success, and wanting to do “just one more.”

Recently, however, I encountered an exception that (I hope) proves the rule. It took me far too long to complete a spelling assignment. I came back to it multiple times over the course of several days. Eventually I had to use a “strategy” which may or may not have been what the designers intended. I restarted the exercise immediately every time I got something wrong, until I finally got through without it recommending I do the assignment over. I wonder if most people learn Hebrew spelling faster than I do, or if the designers got this particular assignment wrong. Anyway, I have now moved on and am back into a rewarding-feeling pattern wit the program.

I really want to have some Arabic as well. I wonder if trying Rosetta Stone Arabic would confuse or enhance my progress in Hebrew?