The Walk To School

The sign at the girls' school

MMG happy at "our" new house - with new dressup clothes

HMG was the dressup leader

Before I get to the cuteness above, I should fully disclose and say that yesterday was communications struggle day. I got cell phone and iPad coverage through a company called Talknsave. The bad news of the trip is that their office is in an obscure part of Jerusalem – it was a learning experience getting there and back. I relied on the kindness of bus drivers, two of whom steered me right and one of whom either I misunderstood or steered me wrong. The good news is that the folks at Talknsave were very helpful. The results, though, were also mixed. I got our iPad and my wife’s cell working. Alas, I must have accidentally updated my iPhone since I was here in April. It is no longer unlockable, and thus cannot take an Israeli SIM card. Sigh. I’m currently wondering if I could use an iPad for my only form of mobile communication – I doubt it, though. I suspect I will need to buy a new phone.Today was full of great news for our girls. They both love school and they came back with stories. The walk through the park to school is fast and beautiful. We also moved into the apartment we will be living in for the year. We all adore it. We have light and air, and the owners left lots of kids toys the girls are enjoying (thus the princesses at the top). Plus, they are so excited about being in the same room in bunk beds.

Friday I meet with my advisor, and Monday I meet with another contact. So far I’m still in set-up mode; once we are in more of a pattern I think I’ll need to get out and spend some full blocks of time connecting with people and researching, really driving towards getting into schools!