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Today, thanks to Nimrod Goren I got to speak with Rabbi Dr. Ron Kronish, the Director of the Interreligious Coordinating Council in Israel. The Council does remarkable work, bringing Jewish, Christian and Muslim youth together to learn about their different traditions. As their mission states, they aim “to harness the teachings and values of the three monotheistic religions” and use them as “a source of reconciliation and co-existence.”

Rabbi Kronish wasted absolutely no time. He certainly gives the lie to the canard that non-profit folks are inefficient and disorganized compared to their business counterparts. He came to understand my project, its developing aims and its limitations, rapidly and began firing thoughts of people that would help me. “This person speaks good English and works with teachers of Islam.” “This organization trains teachers in Jewish education, and their direct is from the U.S.” From an inexhaustible rolodex he unearthed multiple business cards, turning to his computer when his paper system failed him. I was tired when I left, despite having had time before and after and having been largely passive. He, however, had a meeting immediately before and I’m sure was off to another. “Building Peace through Interreligious Reconciliation, Education and Action,” the organization’s motto, certainly has a chance with someone of such energy and capability at its helm.

I also got to meet Mr. Ophir Yarden, who is the director of education. In the few moments we had together I gave him the elevator pitch, and he immediately had his ideas and responses. I hope to have a chance to stay in touch with him.