Another in the series of different reactions to the recent Israel-Gaza violence:

We are ok, though keeping a close eye still on the news.  So far, with the exception of the two air raid sirens going off, it’s been fairly quiet in Jerusalem.  Every day since this whole thing started has been pretty normal, but there certainly has been/is tension.

I’ve been feeling ok, mentally and emotionally, surprisingly unstressed except when talking with family….  And I am better still now that the ceasefire has gone into effect.  I guess I never really felt that I needed to truly worry about our safety, though, at the same time, we were ready (we have kind of been for a long time seeing as the situation with Iran was looking grim for a while) — car gassed up; cell phone charged with both current and lots o’money; secure shelter stocked with food, water, storybooks, crayons; our go-bag (somewhat) packed…

There’s only so much one can do…  We can’t lock ourselves up at home — life needs to go on.  We are keeping life as normal as possible for all of us, with the necessary precautions, of course….  The children are none the wiser, which is good, no need to scare them, but we have been through what to do if xyz happens — at least [our older child] might go into it with a clue as to what she needs to do….