Some of the more separate settlements we passed were interesting to read about. Ofra has been the subject of legal disputes, with part of it built on a previous Jordanian military base and part on private Palestinian land.

Ofra from Route 60

Another is named Rehelim, after a settler who was killed there on her way to protest peace negotiations. Recently students at a boarding yeshiva in Rehelim killed a Palestinian driver on Rte 60.

I also looked up some Palestinian places, and locales that looked to me like towns at least were villages of less than 2000 people. I wonder if it has to do with the way of building (up in what look like apartment buildings)?

Looking up some of this led me to this Washington Post article about this drive in more detail.

Here we are crossing from area C back into area A.

Just outside of Al-Bireh

Still, it is beautiful!