Taking the servees from Ramallah to Hebron shows you how to get from the north to the south of the West Bank without crossing the separation barrier. It’s a mix of highways (60 and 1), nice smaller roads and occasionally rough smaller roads.

Perhaps the closest we got to Jerusalem, near Hizma

Probably the most out of the way we went was through the town of el Ubeidiya, up and back down a hill. At the top is the Greek Orthodox monastery of Theodosius.

Monastery of Theodosius

There seemed to be different kinds of checkpoints (or none at all) between different area A and area C. For example, some now are unmanned cameras like EZ Pass; the cars slow and go through a lane with cameras.

Some were manned but were just staying by the side of the road, like this jeep.

And there were freestanding towers, like this one.

We were in one checkpoint that was checking everyone’s papers, though they let the shared taxi through without checking our driver or us.