I had Hisham‘s Palace all to myself. Of course it was noon in July and Jericho, so there might have been a reason. But I did not mind the heat.

What the Palestinians and the Japanese government have done to preserve and cover the bath mosaics is fabulous.

Lots of contributions to the spot: Italians, USAID, again the Japanese.

Speaking of contributions, here was a donation from the Russian government, covered up a bit on the main center of town.

Then hiked down Wadi Qelt to St. George’s Monastery. Hot! Though I did not get a chance to go in (they are open 9am – 1pm) the external view is really the special part.

Last I went to Tel es Sultan. You’d have to be even more of a ruins geek then I am – really a professional archaeologist. A few walls and trenches, mostly piles of pebbles. Still, I stood on one of the oldest towns in the world…

The view from Tel es Sultan

What I should’ve done is taken the cable car to the monastery on the cliff overlooking Jericho.